• Is there a shipping fee? How are products shipped?

A shipping fee is included in the price of all the photos. For prints (glossy and cold press), they are shipped in a tube and rolled with protective paper against the finish. For canvas and metal, these will be shipped in a box.

  • What is the difference between Cold Press, Glossy, Canvas, and Metal?

Cold press is high quality paper with no gloss, almost more of a matte finish. Photos printed on cold press will last a lifetime. I recommend these are in a frame for optimal look and longevity.

Glossy is your typical photo paper with a gloss sheen that you would get from a photocenter. These are great in a frame or on their own.

Canvas is a matte paper wrapped on a frame. These are displayed as is and the photo will wrap around the frame. So expect an inch or so off each side to go around the sides of the frame (i.e. a 16x20 will be a 14x18).

Metal is printed on a sheet of aluminum. This provides a unique feel to the photo. These are displayed as is. Ideally, photos with higher contrast, silver lighting, and dramatic lighting look the best. If you are not sure the photo you want will look best on metal, please reach out and I can help with your decision.

  • On the 16x20 and 11x14 it says it will be cropped, how exactly will it change the photo?

The aspect of my photos are not ideal for these sizes. So when printing, some of the photo will be cut off. I do my best to keep the photo to its original state and not to change the subject, but that may still happen.

  • I want to work with you, how do I best contact you?

Please contact me on the CONTACT section of my page to open a channel of communication.

  • What equipment do you use?

I have a Canon 70d with a Sigma 18-35mm art and  Sigma 10-20mm