I live in South Jordan, UT, a great location with access to so many beautiful locations! An hour away to the tops of both Little and Big Cottonwood Canyon, as well as the Uinta Mountains, and no more than 4 hours to the desert.

I started shooting mostly action shots (skating, snowboarding, climbing), but have branched out to a multitude of styles. My favorite is star trail photography. Nothing is quite as satisfying to me as planning out the perfect shot, getting the camera lined up, and waiting to see the final result. Most of my favorite shots are also star photos.

I try to plan trips to beautiful places that seem to go unnoticed, are hard to get to, or are not sought out. I love finding beauty in this world, and going places with near complete solitude. I love to share these images and stories with you and provide an outlet for you to display them! 

Me and my girlfriend, Briana, at Reflection Canyon

Most of my images are shot while on backpacking trips around the world. I shoot with a Canon 70d with a multitude of lenses. If you ever see me on a trip, you know that a good chunk of my weight and volume is photo gear. 

All shots on this site are originals. More will continually be added, especially as winter comes to end and I start transitioning out of my ski bum mentality.

For info about me, feel free to reach out!